Comparison of Adult Horse Fly Collections in Massachusetts (2016)

Bite-Lite continued testing the efficacy of the H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control System in Cape Cod this July, 2016.   This summer was the third in a row in which the  Cape Cod Mosquito Control District and its division, the Cape Cod Greenhead Fly Control Project, tested our H-Traps under the watchful eyes of Gabrielle Sakolsky-Hoopes and Bart Morris, respectively. The test location for catching horse flies known as green heads this year was in Orleans, MA.  

During the experiments charted below, the Bite-Lite horse fly trap and the Blue Boxes were baited with no lure and an octenol lure.   All total, testers conducted 13 repetitions and collected 872.5 horse flies with four traps. In all comparisons with lures, the H-trap performed significantly better than the Cape Cod Box trap.