Hello! We are off to another horsefly summer season here in VT. I wanted to give you some feedback regarding the lures for the H-Trap. Last summer was the first time I used them with my two traps. The same number of horse flies were caught as compared to previous summers…the big news is that I only had to use the fly sheets twice! The lures drew the horseflies to the traps and away from the horses for the most part. It was thrilling to not have to overheat the horses in their fly sheets or have to use so much spray. Yeah! And other I also noticed that last summer we might have actually collapsed a colony of rare horseflies that Bite Lite helped me to identify. There were only a handful of them all last summer. That is great because they are big and fast and aggressive. So, we are up and running again this year with our two traps and the lures are attached and we are looking forward to a more comfortable summer.

Kelly Wicker
Windham, VT

Our trap is saving our yard!

We are so very pleased with your product. Our trap is saving our yard! And we can’t thank you enough for choosing high-quality materials and a well-thought-out design. We still marvel that the adhesive on the Velcro hasn’t melted in the hot Memphis sun. And the robust sewing of the canopy—really good. And the rubber ball is industrial strength—thank you. And wow—who came up with the pole design? Perfectly balanced.

Holly D.

Wonderful product!

I have intended to write you many times to tell you how great your horse and deer fly trap worked this summer during the construction project. They were totally amazed at how it cleared the area. Wonderful product!

Gail Checco

I couldn’t be any more pleased!

Our new H-Trap has been in place for less than 3 hours and already we have quite a catch of bugs! A handful of Horse Flies and about 15+ Deer Flies. I couldn’t be any more pleased! It seems the bugs are just attracted to it. What fun to watch them land on the ball and fly on up the funnel. I think we have a new form of entertainment. And how grand that it is natural and without any need for bait of any kind. I will keep you posted. My big score will be to get one of the big yellow horse flies in the trap….I will really celebrate then! Thanks for such a great product. The quality of life for my two horses has already improved.

Kelly W., Bachie and Morgan
Windham, VT

Thank you Bite-Lite.

I live on one acre, in Smyrna DE next to Bombay Hook National wildlife refuge. The area is a salt marsh, in the fall and winter months it is beautiful, in the summer the green head flys are terrible. Last year I purchased the H trap fly trap. As I was putting the trap up for the first time last year, the greenheads were landing on the ball immediately. With in days I had to empty the container of dead flies. This year, I decided to purchase another H trap fly trap. I received the trap on 06/26/2017. Again as I was putting the trap up I had flies attracted to the trap. Less then 2 hours I had approximate 20-30 flies in the trap. With two traps set out on my property the yard is a lot more pleasant to be in. The deck I can sit on and pool is a lot more comfortable. Most places you may not need two H traps, but where I live on the salt marsh it’s a big help. For the money they are well worth it and I may purchase a third to put in the front of the property. Thank you Bite-Lite.

Joseph A. Dempsey
Smyrna, DE

I will certainly recommend this product to friends and neighbors. We ordered it because we have a pool and the horse flies were terrible. It certainly enhanced our enjoyment of being outside last summer.

Mary Lynne Hutchins
Hillsborough, NC

This thing works IMMEDIATELY upon putting it up!! Where I live, it will NEVER eliminate the problem entirely, but what we get in trap is astounding.


Five Stars. Best horse fly trap we have ever bought!


It works good we have noticed a great drop in horse and deer flies. We are thinking of purchasing a second one.


I’ve had the trap up for about a month, and I’d say it’s killed perhaps 70-90 flies so far.

We have a huge horse fly problem due to our proximity to a marsh. So bad that you can’t really be outside for extended periods. It’s hard to tell if the trap has reduced the issue by itself, or whether it being a little later in the year has helped, but it’s definitely doing something! One big tip is to make sure it gets as much sun exposure as possible. It works by having the large black rubber ball heat up to attract the flies. It won’t do that as well in the shade. I’ve got about 2 acres, and I think I might need two of these to provide coverage – but I’m going to give it a full season (next year – only put it in at the beginning of July this year) before I drop another $350.

Robert M. Downey
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