Bite-Lite Savings Online through 4th of July


With the barbeques and fireworks going during the 4th of July festivities and remaining summer events, the mosquitoes, horse flies, and other insect pests will be buzzing around too.  Bite-Lite always will have your back with its nature inspired insect control products! Save 20%  when you order our natural mosquito repellent candles, horse fly trap, and indoor insect light trap online through July 5th.  Use promo code 4THBL at checkout.  

Bite-Lite H-Trap Giveaway for Advantage Horsemanship

Congratulations to Betsy Bradley of Georgia who won the H-Trap Giveaway contest promoted by Advantage Horsemanship with Scott Purdum- Facebook.     About 500 entered the contest that began on June 9th, with the winner drawn today.   The prize  remained a surprise during an eight day countdown with three sets of clues given within that time frame.  What the prize was and how to enter was posted on June 17th.     According to horse trainer Scott Purdum of Virginia, it was the most expensive prize he has ever given away!      For those who did not win, Advantage Horsemanship is offering a special post contest offer for those of you who need  help on your property to reduce your populations of horse flies from the tabanid family (known as greenheads, yellow flies, deer flies, and B-52 bombers).   To order an H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control System, and get 15% off, use promo code AHBL15 at checkout  at     For more information about the Leadership Club at Advantage Horsemanship, visit

Taking the Bite Out of Father’s Day!

Bite-Lite has the best way to protect the ones you love with its nature inspired insect control products. As a way to help you celebrate Father’s Day, Bite-Lite is offering a 10 percent discount on all its products, including its natural mosquito candles, horse fly trap, and indoor light trap. Whether you are outdoors at the pool or grill or indoors with the door constantly opening, Bite-Lite has the proven solution to control pesky and annoying insects. At check out, use the promo code Take10 to get your discount. Offer lasts until June 20, 2016. Have fun on Father’s Day!

Connecticut Food Bank’s Inaugural Road Race a Success

Bite-Lite Nature Inspired Insect Control Products intends to continue its philanthrophy with the Food Bank’s next summer event in August, Hops for Hunger.   We hope you’ll join us make the event a success for those in need of nutritious meals.

Bite-Lite Offers Free Shipping on Certain Pre-Season Orders through May 31st

Our products are tested to help protect you and your loved ones against biting mosquitoes and horse flies and even nuisance house flies.   To get ready to beat the bites, we encourage you to consider an integrated pest management system at your home and favorite outdoor activity to repel and attract annoying mosquitoes, horse flies, and house flies.  

For the ambiance, no mosquito candle can put a shine to our natural mosquito repellent candles with nearly 7 percent of active ingredients to repel mosquitoes (the most actives in a mosquito candle on the market).    Unlike competitive products, our U.S. made natural mosquito repellent candle collection has fragrant lemongrass and spearmint oils blended in premium soy wax and a cotton wick that will not emit smoke.     If you are on the move (hiking, backpacking, etc.), we recommend you find a topical repellent that you are comfortable using (with DEET or not) to spray on your clothes and body.     To keep mosquitoes at bay, locate their breeding areas, and empty any areas filled with standing water where eggs are laid.   In the wake of the Zika virus, the Center on Disease Control has some informative material about controlling mosquitoes outside your home.   Visit:

For horse flies, our sturdy weather proof H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control System will catch horse flies, greenheads, yellow flies, deer flies, and B-52 bombers by natural trickery.    Placing our traps where horses congregate, near wet swampy areas (where horse flies breed), and near a swimming pools will help trap the adult females looking for a blood meal in order to reproduce.   While trail riding, use fly sprays such as Whup A Bug, which can be purchased at Advantage Horsemanship. (

If your house is prone to indoor flying pests, such as house flies, wasps, and months, check out our new indoor insect UV light trap called the Armadilha.   This trap is beautifully housed in a modern white plastic vessel, where a heat optimized glue board is discreetly hidden and silently catches flying indoor pests. 

Bite-Lite Horse Fly Trap Is First Giveaway Prize in Palm Beach Equine Clinic Contest

The Palm Beach Medical Centers of Wellington, Florida and Long Island, New York is a dedicated group of veterinarians and staff that for over 30 years has been committed to the care and health of horses, no matter the pedigree.  The Palm Beach Medical Centers and its affiliate veterinary clinics throughout the nation offer innovative services and treatment with state of the art diagnostic tools and surgical equipment.  The Palm Beach Medical Centers are the official veterinarians of the Winter Equestrian Festival and the Global Dressage Festival.  For more information about this dedicated organization, go to

Bite-Lite has been distributing its unique horse fly trap in the United States since 2014.  This horse fly trap is a sturdy, chemical free solution that has been tested to successfully control and trap multiple species of tabanids (commonly known as horse flies, B-52 bombers, yellow flies, greenheads, and deer flies).   Compared to other commercial and government surveillance horse fly traps on the market, our horse fly trap has one leg, is easy to set up and maintain, UV proof, wind stable with a gyroscopic upper arm and ground anchor, and tested to be more effective in protecting humans, horses, and cattle.

With adult horse flies soon emerging from their breeding spots after a one to three year incubation period, it is not too soon to order your horse fly trap! 

Exciting Results with Horse Fly Trap Testing (2015) in Cape Cod MA

Testing of the H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control System from Bite-Lite continued in several locations in Cape Cod, MA this summer with exciting results.   Compared to the stationary blue boxes seen on the Cape for nearly half a century, our one legged horse fly traps are easily moveable, and can be pulled out and transported to locations that are inundated with both green heads and deer flies at a moment’s notice.    

The testing of green head flies, within the tabanus sp. family also known as horse flies, began in the summer of 2014 when Gabrielle Sakolsky-Hoopes of the Cape Cod Mosquito Control District agreed to set two new Bite-Lite horse fly traps alongside the blue boxes on Navigation Road in Barnstable.    She and Bart Morris of the Cape Cod Greenhead Fly Control Project, a division of the Mosquito Control District,  gathered favorable results catching green heads when compared to the wooden constructed blue boxes historically seen throughout the Cape’s marshy areas.      Last August 2014, the results were reported in a story in the Cape Cod Times and can be found at this link:   

Bite-Lite donated seven more hores fly traps for testing this summer, as well as a variety of experimental lures for catching horse flies and deer flies.  This year’s comparison in catching green heads took place over a 10 day period.   Unlike last year, when tests were conducted with and without lures in trapping green heads only, the testers used the experimental lures designed and provided by Bedoukian Research Inc. in Danbury, CT to trap both green heads and deer flies.   These horse fly trap testing results can be seen in the charts below:

As the Cape Cod Times reported last year, catching deer flies successfully has been another story, and the results using the standard blue boxes have not been successful.    Our horse fly traps that were set in a wooded area in Orleans, MA in August had record results for any horse fly trap and lure the district has every tried.   The horse fly traps with experimental lure collected 175 deer flies in less than 24 hours!

The horse fly traps currently for sale by Bite-Lite are chemical free.    With ongoing experiments conducted with lures in Cape Cod and Florida, Bite-Lite hopes to register and market these lures in the near future.

3 Horse Fly Traps Raffled at the PA World Horse Expo

Bite-Lite® Gets Spot on Horse Radio Station

The Horse Radio Network is the “Voice of the Horse World” and featured Bite-Lite® in its Stable Scoop Radio Show on February 13, 2015.   Our own Director of Sales Gail Bedoukian was interviewed by Host Glenn “the Geek” during an online podcast called the Metal Horses and Helping the Mustangs (Episode 339). As the show’s name suggests, Glenn scopes out “unique, different products” to introduce on one of his eight shows; he discovered our new professional horsefly control system called the H-trap set up at the AETA (American Equestrian Trade Association) show.   He said our trap was not something he expected to see at the show! If you want to listen to the hour long show, check out Bite-Lite in the segment Tack and Habit “fights the bugs with Bite-Lite,” which comes around the 54th minute mark.

The Horse Radio Network is the home for all things equine related.    Fun is the key to network. Its purported goal with its eight shows “is to help your chores go a little faster and to put a smile on your face!”   From its website’s “About” tab: “We believe that people own horses for fun and entertainment. Why else would you put up with the early morning feedings, stall cleaning, vet bills, long trips to shows,  empty bank accounts and everything else that goes with being a horse owner.   Our goal with these shows is to help your chores go a little faster and to put a smile on your face!”

Horse Radio Network is stationed in Ocala, Florida.   Besides Stable Scoop, which was Glenn’s first show when he founded the network in 2008, you can listen to other fun shows that include: Driving Radio Show, Horses in the Morning, Horse Tip Daily, and Equestrian Legends.

H-Trap Tops 2 Others in Horse Fly Trap (2014) Study in Florida

Comparison of Adult Tabanidae (Horse fly) Collections at a Wildlife Refuge Near a Horse Boarding Facility in Cedar Key, Florida; 2014.

The USDA conducted testing in the summer of 2014, comparing horse fly collections from two commercial traps, the H-Trap and Horse Pal, and one standard surveillance trap, the NZI,  in a wildlife refuge that was near a horse boarding farm in Cedar Key, Florida. Researchers set up these three different style traps, per each manufacturer’s instructions, using no added attractants. On the first day, the H-Trap, Horse Pal, and NZI traps were placed in one of three sites, and then rotated 24 hours later. This allowed all three traps to be tested at each site. Three repetitions were conducted, and the total number of Tabanids collected over time was recorded. The total number of horse flies collected was 3483; of that number, more than half (57.5%) were collected by the H-trap alone!