Comparison of Adult Horse Fly Collections in Massachusetts (2015)

In the summer of 2015, the Cape Cod Greenhead Fly Control Project, a division of the Mosquito Control District, compared the efficacy of the standard Cape Blue Box trap with the H-Trap horse fly control system for the collection of Tabanids. Both the H-Trap horse fly control system and the Blue Box were baited with the same experimental lure. Two of each trap type were used in the testing at four sites in Northern Cape Cod. Each morning, the researchers emptied the traps just before 10 a.m., placed new lures in the traps, and ran the testing for three hours. Traps with lures were rotated between sites in order to prevent uneven population densities from skewing the test results. Testing took place at the four sites over 10 days, and the total number of Tabanids collected over time was recorded. The total number of horse flies collected was 5352; of that number, the H-Trap significantly collected more horse flies (almost 60%).




Additional H-Trap (Horse Fly Trap) Studies in 2015: